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  • Billy Morrison

Kickstarter Campaign Update #3

First, THANK YOU to everyone who has already backed this campaign and believes in Hockey Hardware. You are the fuel that powers us and motivates us every day to work hard towards achieving success.

With 5 days to go until our all-or-nothing deadline, the campaign is 26% funded and we are about $93K away from the funding goal.

Being honest, that's a huge uphill battle but I remain optimistic because of all the hard work we put in promoting Hockey Hardware and this Kickstarter campaign over the past four weeks. I sense it's a bit like dry tinder - we just need a spark to ignite in the next 5 days.

On top of my unwavering optimism, there are also more than 157 reasons to stay determined. Your support of this creative game project is very inspiring and motivating. We will grind it out until the end, and secure every last pledge we can with the precious time remaining.

Since our focus has pivoted from promotion to securing pledges, there isn't much to share in terms of activity highlights in this update.

The Hockey Hardware team is busy making direct asks to family, friends, and our network, we're pushing out content on Hockey Hardware's social media, and emailing subscribers on THE FACE-OFF FLYER, which is a free e-newsletter courtesy of FACE-OFF GAMES.

If you haven't already backed Hockey Hardware, please make your pledge today! We need your help right away.

If you have already pledged, please get your family and friends to make a pledge, too. Every pledge of any amount helps.

And if you've already pledged, and you'd like to do more, you can always increase your pledge amount.

Just like it takes a team effort to win the Stanley Cup - it's going to take a team effort to bring Hockey Hardware to life, so we can Bring Home The Hardware!

By The Numbers: As of Feb. 13, 2024

  • 157 Backers.

  • 26% Funded.

  • $32,043 Pledged.

  • 5 Days Until Deadline.

  • $92,957 Away From Funding Goal.

Thanks again for your support, and thanks for reading update number 3!



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