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Kickstarter Campaign Update #1

Wow. What a strong start to the Hockey Hardware Kickstarter campaign! Every day we are working hard to raise awareness, grow interest, and earn more pledges from people who believe in this creative game project.

THANK YOU to everyone who has already made a pledge. You are our biggest believers and top fans. Please keep sharing Hockey Hardware content on social media, and ask anyone you know who might be interested to make a pledge too. 

While we're off to a great start, we still have a lot of ice to cover. And the clock is ticking. It's going to take a team effort to reach our funding goal and Bring Home The Hardware - just like it takes a team effort to win the Stanley Cup!


This is our first campaign update. I plan to post an update about once every week, or on an as needed basis if there is a major development to share. Generally, the updates will contain Hockey Hardware's latest funding numbers, weekly highlights, and a standing call to action: Pledge, share, and ask others to pledge too!

By The Numbers: After Week 1

  • 88 Backers.

  • 14% Funded.

  • 23 Days Until Deadline.

  • $107,743 Away From Funding Goal.

Week 1 Highlights

January 25, 2024: 'Hockey Hardware scoring big with fans'. By Mike Balsom of The NOTL Local. Read the full news article here. Note, Hockey Hardware also made the front cover of the print edition! Check it out here.

January 24, 2024: Hockey Hardware Partners with The Carnegie Initiative Summit 2024. Read the news release here.

January 23, 2024: Campaign Milestone: 10% Funded.

January 22, 2024: Hockey Hardware Niagara Kickstarter Party at Ludology Boardgame Cafe in St. Catharines. View pictures on Instagram here and here.

January 20, 2024: Hockey Hardware was introduced to Niagara-on-the-Lake Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa. See picture here.

January 18, 2024: Hockey Hardware visits Guelph for the University of Guelph Frosty Mug Alumni Event. View pictures on Instagram here.

January 17, 2024: Hockey Hardware Kickstarter Launch Party at Level One Game Pub in Ottawa. View pictures on Instagram here.

January 16, 2024: Hockey Hardware was introduced to Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe. View picture here.

Call to Action: Pledge, Share, and Ask Others to Pledge, too. Kickstarter is ALL-OR-NOTHING!

That means Hockey Hardware must reach its funding goal so it can receive the funds to move forward with the project. If it falls short of its funding goal, backers don't get charged, zero funds are transferred, and the project is back to where it started before the campaign. It's critical we hit Hockey Hardware's funding goal for this project to succeed!

Thank you to everyone who has already pledged. You're our top fans, our biggest believers, and you help fuel this campaign every day so it can keep motivated and continue working hard to achieve its funding goal.

If you haven't pledged yet, now is the perfect time. It would be incredible if Hockey Hardware could reach $25,000 before it goes to Toronto next week for The Carnegie Initiative Summit 2024 and the All-Star Game festivities. Make a pledge today by clicking here.

In addition to pledging, please ask your family and friends to make a pledge to Hockey Hardware as well. You are our strongest advocates. If every backer could get 5 people they know to make a pledge to Hockey Hardware, we can cover a lot of ice quickly and reach that funding goal!

Please share on social media and directly ask your family, friends, teammates, fantasy hockey buddies, classmates, work colleagues, and whoever else you know who likes hockey, playing games, having fun, and supporting creative Canadian projects like Hockey Hardware.

Or, ask them to Google 'Hockey Hardware Kickstarter'. Our page should be near the top of those search results and called 'Hockey Hardware: The Original Game by Billy Morrison'.

Or, ask them to click the 'Pledge Now on Kickstarter' button on the top banner of our website,

If you have already made a pledge, and you want to give more, you can always increase your pledge. Learn how by clicking here.



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