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  • Billy Morrison

Hockey Hardware Launches New Kickstarter Campaign


May 15, 2024

Hockey Hardware is LIVE on Kickstarter!

OTTAWA - Today, FACE-OFF GAMES officially relaunched Hockey Hardware: The Original Game on Kickstarter. This new crowdfunding campaign aims to raise $40,000 CAD in 60 days. The campaign deadline is 7pm EDT on July 14, 2024. Anyone interested can learn more about Hockey Hardware and support it by making a pledge on this website:


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects. It uses an all-or-nothing crowdfunding model. That means project creators must hit their funding goal by deadline, or all of the funds get returned to Backers.


If this Kickstarter campaign is successful, the funds will be used to manufacture Hockey Hardware in Canada, procure various Rewards and Add-on items, and pay for other project costs, including storage, packaging, fulfillment, and Kickstarter-related fees.


"It's very exciting to launch the same great game under a new and improved campaign, which has applied many lessons I learned from the first Kickstarter," said Billy Morrison, creator of Hockey Hardware and owner of FACE-OFF GAMES.


Some of the changes made include a significantly reduced funding goal, a longer campaign duration, a new shipping strategy, local pick-up options for Backers in Ottawa and Niagara, and modifications to various Rewards and Add-on items.


New to this campaign is an early bird price for Backers who pledge for a single copy of Hockey Hardware in the first 48-hours of the campaign, a dedicated Reward Tier for retailers, and a mystery Add-on item that will be unveiled in June.


The minimum pledge a Backer can give is $1 CAD and the maximum pledge is $13,000 CAD. Backers can browse and consider selecting a range of exciting Reward Tiers and Add-on items. These include physical items and digital rewards that range from $2 CAD to $999 CAD, with many falling between the $2 CAD - $100 CAD range. The regular price for a single copy of Hockey Hardware is $50 CAD (plus shipping, if applicable).


"Every pledge of any amount helps. I am incredibly grateful for every dollar pledged, for every shared social media post, and for every person who believes in Hockey Hardware, wants to see it succeed, and be part of its success story," said Morrison.


"Please pledge today to support bringing this fun, new game to life, and together, let's Bring Home The Hardware!" 



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