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Hockey Hardware Relaunching on Kickstarter in May


April 26, 2024

Hockey Hardware's Breaking News Graphic.

OTTAWA, ON - Amidst an exciting start to Round 1 of the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, FACE-OFF GAMES is thrilled to announce that Hockey Hardware: The Original Game will relaunch on Kickstarter next month.


Details for this new and improved crowdfunding campaign will be announced in the coming days. In the meantime, please click here to visit Hockey Hardware's new pre-launch page on Kickstarter and sign-up to get notified when this campaign officially launches.


The first Hockey Hardware Kickstarter campaign raised over $35,000 from 182 generous Backers in just 32 days. Despite an incredible effort, it fell short of its ambitious funding goal of $125,000 by deadline. True to Kickstarter's all-or-nothing crowdfunding model, all of those funds raised were returned to Backers when the campaign ended on February 18, 2024.


This result also sent FACE-OFF GAMES back to square one with the same need to secure funding to bring Hockey Hardware to life.


"I gained a lot of valuable insights, lessons, and experience from the first Kickstarter," said Hockey Hardware creator Billy Morrison. "That was my first-ever crowdfunding campaign, and it's become an important stepping stone towards building future success for the game."


Following that first campaign, Morrison conducted a comprehensive post-mortem to determine what worked, what didn't, what was missing, and what could be improved in anticipating a possible relaunch this spring.


"Hockey Hardware is the same great game, but many improvements have been made to the campaign," said Morrison. "In particular, I've been focused and dedicated to finding ways to significantly reduce the funding goal, to give the campaign more time to achieve it, and offer different incentives to attract and secure more pledges from more Backers this time around."


Campaign details, including the launch date, the funding goal, the campaign duration, and its Rewards and Add-ons will be announced early next week.


"I'm so grateful to everyone who backed Hockey Hardware's first Kickstarter campaign. Their support means everything, and I hope those generous Backers and many more will support Hockey Hardware's relaunch next month," said Morrison. "Watch this space and stay tuned for more news coming soon!"




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