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  • Billy Morrison

Hockey Hardware Kickstarter Details


May 1, 2024

A screenshot of Hockey Hardware's Kickstarter pre-launch page.

OTTAWA - Today, FACE-OFF GAMES released the Hockey Hardware Kickstarter details for its new and improved crowdfunding campaign. Sign-up here to get notified when it goes live!



The campaign will launch on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 7pm EDT. This exciting moment will be celebrated at an Official Launch Party in Ottawa. Event details will be shared in the coming days.



The campaign will run for 60 days. This is an additional 28 days compared to the first campaign. It's also the maximum allowable time that Kickstarter permits creators to run a campaign.



The funding goal for this campaign will be $40,000. From the highest to lowest expense, that breakdown is:


  • $30,000 - Manufacture Hockey Hardware.

  • +$5,000 - Storage, Packaging and Fulfillment.

  • +$3,000 - Kickstarter-related fees.

  • +$2,000 - Procuring Rewards and Add-ons.

  • =$40,000 - Total Funding Goal.


This new funding goal is significantly less than the initial campaign's funding goal. A comprehensive post-mortem following the first campaign focused on identifying opportunities as well as practical and creative ways to make significant reductions.


Major changes include an entirely new approach to the shipping strategy, alterations made to components to reduce material costs, improvements made to the manufacturing quote, adjusted quantity estimates and changes to Rewards and Add-ons using metrics from the first campaign, and more. Further, every change that reduced the new funding goal, also reduced the Kickstarter fees tied to this new funding goal.


As a result, this campaign's funding goal is more achievable, realistic, and still sufficient to complete and deliver this creative game project to Backers.


The Hockey Hardware Kickstarter page has been completely revamped with a new design, new product photos, and an extended promo video that gives an overview about the game. You'll be able to see it all once the Hockey Hardware campaign goes live. Sign-up here so you can be the first to see it!


In the meantime, check out Hockey Hardware's fresh, new pre-launch page by clicking here.



This campaign will offer many familiar Rewards and Add-ons that were part of the first campaign. However, a few items have been dropped, while others have been modified. Perhaps most exciting is the addition of a mystery Add-on item that will be revealed in June!


Similar to the first campaign, Rewards and Add-ons will include physical items and digital rewards. They range in price from $2 CAD to $999 CAD, with many items falling in the $2 - $100 range.


Rewards and Add-ons will be unveiled daily on Hockey Hardware's social media in the lead-up to the launch. You can follow along by clicking here.



New to this campaign is the Early Bird price for Backers who want to save some money by pledging for a copy of Hockey Hardware in the first 48-hours of the campaign. Don't miss it! Sign-up here right now to get notified when Hockey Hardware goes live so you can score this great deal.



This campaign will have a Retail Tier dedicated for eager retailers who want to get an edge on their competition by being amongst the first to sell Hockey Hardware in their shops.



The campaign will end on Sunday, July 14, 2024 at 7pm EDT.



Following the conclusion of a successful campaign, a pledge manager service will be used to help with Backer surveys, product fulfillment, and shipping.


This new approach entirely removes shipping costs from the funding goal, it will provide Backers with more accurate shipping costs, and give Backers who live in the Ottawa and Niagara regions of Canada the ability to select a FREE local pick-up option, to save even more money.



If this campaign successfully funds, barring any unforeseen delays or disruptions, Backers can look forward to receiving their items by April 2025 - just in time for the 2025 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs!




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