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Hockey Hardware Kickstarter Campaign Details Announced

Updated: Jan 10

A screenshot of the Hockey Hardware pre-launch page on Kickstarter.


January 8, 2024

OTTAWA - Today, FACE-OFF GAMES is pleased to announce the campaign details for Hockey Hardware on Kickstarter.

The crowdfunding campaign for Hockey Hardware will launch on Kickstarter on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 at 7pm ET. This milestone will be celebrated at an official launch party in Ottawa. Then, there will be a second party to celebrate its launch on Monday, January 22, 2024 in Niagara.

The campaign will run for 32 days, and feature engagement in various hockey-related events to help raise awareness about Hockey Hardware and this Kickstarter campaign. The campaign will end on Sunday, February 18, 2024 at 7pm ET.

The funding goal for this campaign to cover the cost of the first run of production and to bring Hockey Hardware to life is $125,000 CAD. While this may sound ambitious, it has been calculated as follows:

TOTAL FUNDING GOAL BREAKDOWN (from highest to lowest estimated expense):

$65,000 - Manufacturing Hockey Hardware: The Original Game

+ $31,000 - Packaging & Shipping

+ $11,500 - Kickstarter and Payment Processor Fees

+ $10,000 - Manufacturing Rewards and Add-ons

+ $5,000 - Storage

+ $2,500 - Contingency

= $125,000 - Total Funding Goal

In these Kickstarter details, it's worth noting that:

  • When this Kickstarter project successfully funds, Hockey Hardware: The Original Game will be made in Canada rather than made overseas and imported like many mainstream games.

  • Many Rewards and Add-on items will be supplied by or manufactured by North American businesses.

  • Kickstarter requires that shipping costs must be included in the funding goal for physical items. For example, if an item costs $50 and an additional $20 for shipping, then it will be considered a $70 pledge from the Backer that will count towards the funding goal.

Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. This means that unless a campaign reaches its funding goal, backers are not charged for a pledge and creators receive no funds.

Hockey Hardware Creator Billy Morrison has put a lot of creative thought, time, and energy into developing a fun and entertaining Kickstarter campaign for Backers and anyone interested to follow.

In addition to an exciting schedule of events and engagements throughout the campaign period, there are Rewards and Add-ons for just about everyone. Items offered include physical items, experiences, and digital rewards. They range in price from $5 CAD to $2,000 CAD, with many items falling in the $5-$100 range.

At the higher end of offerings, there are unique in-game sponsorship opportunities for Backers to get their name published in the Kickstarter Edition of the Game Schedule component. The price to sponsor a page for each Round in the Game Schedule is $1,000 CAD and its $2,000 CAD to sponsor each Intermission.

In the lead-up to the campaign launch, Reward Tiers and Items will be unveiled daily on Hockey Hardware's social media platforms, which you can find and follow by clicking here.

Start the countdown until launch. Let's get ready to Bring Home The Hardware!



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